Saturday, 19 November 2011

Reading and Crafting

Hi Everyone,                             I am just popping in before the madness of the Crucible begins.We are rehearsing from 12.00pm to around 5.00pm tomorrow! Then costume run on Monday and again on Tuesday, for the show to start from Wed to Sat! I will be very sad to see the end of this play. I have met some great new people in the new group and I love the play. Here's hoping I am in the next one!

RosebushBetween rehearsals I have been making more Fimo creations and trying to get back into reading a good book. I love to read, but don't seem to have had as much time lately. I picked up a YA book from the library that I had on wish list in Jan! Its called Rosebush.

Remember these little characters?  Mr men and Little Miss
Mr Bump, Mr Tickle, Mr Messy, Mr Happy,Little Miss Stubborn,Little Miss Sunshine,Little  Miss Naughty,Little Miss Neat,Mr Chatterbox,Mr Square
If you know anybody who would like any charms they are £1.05 each.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I will keep you updated with the show. Bye for now Priscilla xx


Carin said...

Good luck with the play !!!
Those charms are realy funny, you did a great job !
I wore at my sons wedding the little cupcake charm I bought earlier this year and everybody liked it :-)

Carin said...

I hope your play went well !!!

Books I have read and enjoyed

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