Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tea.....'How do you drink yours'? Part 1

Tea, Coffee, cocoa........... We all enjoy our favourite drinks but how do you enjoy them? Do you have a favourite cup or use the same every day? Do you keep special ones for guests........
Or are you like me and collect them?

I was tagged recently by Linda over at Somewhere In Time to talk about the cup/mugs I use, I am so pleased to be tagged with this! I have been collecting cups since I was a child, I adore them, so I am doing this post in two parts, the first are the more recent bought and used cups, I also own some quite old and musical ones so i'll show them next time.........

A lot of my cup collection started from Easter Eggs as a child........ Every year I choose a egg with a mug

I bought this last year it came with an Easter egg and is the mug I am currently using the most, just the right size! Wallace and Gromit are great and this is their new movie 'Wallace and Gromit and the Curse Of The Were-Rabbit' which is a funny film, the scenes on protecting prize winning pumpkins from pesky rabbits is just a taste of the story line.......

Another film inspired set..........Harry Potter, I bought the straight sided cup when the first film came out, BHs had a sale and I couldn't believe my luck! Then a few year later I found the second movie mug, I have looked for ones on the new movies but cant find any, I am still looking.....
Over the years my family have bought me mugs, they know I collect them and I have some very special old ones from Christmases past, which Ill show on another post..... Mum and Dad bought me this design 3 year ago............... A Thomas Kinkade painting. It came as a three mug box set, so I chose one design my mum another and my grandma the other design.From QVCuk! I don't use this mug that often, mainly when I want a special treat..... Another Easter egg mug........ Now this one is kinda odd. Do you see the small gap in the bottom of the mug? Well apparently that is to place your small two finger kit kat in the slot?! To melt so its nice to eat, the thing is the image showed you an unwrapped kit kat! I just imagine a rather melted mess, so I have to say I havnt tried it out! ha,ha Maybe ill it try with the wrapper on..... Colour change mug......... I love the colour change mugs, you can just see the smarties, It becomes very colourful when a warm drink is added, although I don't use it a lot, I have quite a few colour change mugs, and I am always worried it will stop working, so use them rarely.......
And finally another Smarties mug, this is my most recent mug and the one I am using at the moment, I think it came from Morrison's.........a very happy mug, ha,ha. So colourful!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my cup collection, I will be back soon with my older ones...... a musical Tetley Tea mug, The Pink Panther' Alka Seltzer' mug and others.......... If you would like to join in you are very welcome to, I will tag a few people on my final post, but let me know if you do join Id love to see your collection!

Thanks again for your ideas and inspiration on the stitching projects, I have started the Mill Hill Kitties and think I might make a block with that and frame the Acorn Hill.......... I am really enjoy stitching so thank you again.

Have a great week everyone see you soon

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Feeling Creative....and thoughts of Autumn

I am in a cross stitching mood....... The last few week I made a return to something I enjoy doing, which I havnt done in a while.
I have been stitching a sweet little design called 'Cottage Garden' from Country Cottage Needleworks ,the photo above is how it looked about a week ago..........

Here is the progress so far...... Its been lovely enjoying the wonderful weather and lazy evenings cross stitching. I am loving this sweet gift from my friend Linda over at Somewhere in Tyme.......I think when its finished Ill make it into a hanging pillow? any other ideas I'd love to hear from you all?

Thinking ahead to Autumn......
Shopping for cross stitch is the best kind of shopping there is in my opinion!
Since I have the stitching bug really good at the mo, I have treated myself to a little something. I love Autumn, Crisp leaves, Orange Pumpkins, Halloween, I look forward to it all year, really I do! So I thought I'd start early with these two cross stitch designs, in the hopes to finish around late September (click the pics to enlarge)

The first is from Little House Needleworks - 'Acorn Hill' I just Love, love it!

The second is a Button and Bead Kit from Mill Hill - Bountiful Kitties I cant wait to start this one also! Just look what came in the kit! All those beads, and a cute Pumpkin Button, those beads made me dizzy! An amazing little bag of goodies!

Sharing the fun........

Sharing in the cross stitch love is my mum who also stitches, she picked up her projects again too, so we have been having a good old chit chat over tea and stitches! Mum is stitching a design by Thomas Kinkade - Christmas Cottage, it will be a gift for my grandma when she finishes it! Mum is hoping this Christmas, so she is busy is stitching away.......It is a beautiful design, quite large, I look forward to seeing it completed


I have been thinking of what to make the finished cross stitch pieces into, I seem to get stuck on pillows! ha,ha can you tell I am not a pro at finished items? I am sure there is more to do with cross stitches than pillows so I would really love to hear your thoughts and ideas, for future projects........what do you do with yours?

See you again soon and thank you for your lovely comments on the Midsummer post, I hope you all enjoyed the magic too......... Have a good week

Priscilla x

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