Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Craft fair! and Halloween miniatures

Hello everyone,
           Just letting you all know I am still here. Settling nicely into my new home,still some things to un-pack and some furniture to get,but enjoying the new home immensely!
I have been crazy busy this last few week, I am getting ready for a craft fair selling my fimo items!!!! Very exciting, and unexpected. I went into my chip shop and read a flyer for a craft fair in a local village hall on the 21st Aug. I rang the lady and she had space for me,as long as I don't sell my items as jewellery! As they already have 2 jewellery tables. So I am taking bookmarks,keyrings,phone charms and fairy doors! and anything else I can make in time ....lol  
The cake has witches hats and candy corn around the sides around 2cm wide
I have also been working on a order for Halloween miniatures for a dolls house. A lady contacted me and asked if I could make her some items and I jumped at the chance! I love Halloween, the colours,such a magical night. I find a lot of inspiration for this season, now ask me to think for summer and its not as easy lol. With this in mind I came up with some ideas for her and she chose:
 Halloween cake
Skull and bones
Witches Hat
3 Pumpkins
Pumpkin Pie
Potion bottles
Stack of old books
and 3 tombstones!
Tombstones are around 1.5 inch tall. Handmade from Fimo.Ghost,Roses,Skull details
I had a great time making these, making miniatures is something I have wanted to do for a while, dolls houses have always fascinated me. I think if I had one, it would a Halloween house! or a autumn themed house, heck why not a autumn street lol   I love making food, pies cakes anything.Pumpkin Pie came to mind...
          Pumpkin pie! Oh I cant wait for October lol
Witches hat Harry Potter style. I added the face like the sorting hat. I may change this to black if the lady would prefer a black hat.

Thats what I have been up too! I will have lots more posts once the craft fair is over and photos too. It is the first craft fair I have ever done so a little nervous,not knowing how much to take and trying to suit all themes!  There are 19 tables in all. We are just hoping someone turns up! If all goes well there will be another one in December, so cross fingers.

Well I am going to carry on putting my Harry potter bookmarks together! A part of the collection I am taking to the fair. Talk soon
Priscilla x

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