Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alice In Wonderland Nail Art

Alice In Wonderland Nail Art

Hello Eveyone,   

            Happy New Year! I am still here, and I have a new hobby. NAIL ART! I love all things creative and I have found a new way to express my arty side. I have never been that into nail polish but this new love has me trying different brands and my friends giving me ones they don't like or never used. I have been painting on my friends nails to practise and painting on my own nails of course.

I am browsing the shops and sales for Base Coats,Top Coats and other manicure items I had never heard of before! ha,ha. I also invested in some very fine nail art brushes from Ebay. I thought I would share some of the nails I am doing over the weeks and months.

Here is one I have just done on my own nail,the Cheshire cart from Alice in Wonderland, I am hoping to paint Alice on my thumb this evening. This is where I wish my nails were bigger! I have very small hands and therefore my nails are also small, I have bought some false nails to practise on.

Most of the polishes are from Rimmel given to me by my friend. I am loving the dry in 60 sec polish by Rimmel!  The painting is done using acrylic paints.

I hope you enjoy this post
See u soon xx

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