Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cake..and more Cake..

Hi everyone..
It feels like spring is on its way in my part of the world. The sun is shining..Which is lovely to see!! So nice from the drab gray sky,although it is still very cold.

As most of you know I am a member of a local Theatre company, well last week a friend who is directing our next play asked me to make his Birthday Cake... and theme it around Theatre/Drama.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

...is what everyone thinks of when thinking of theatre, I made these in paste and dusted with edible silver glitter dust...

'Admit One' Theatre ticket... Hand painted, with Bernard's Birthday 7.2. and this years date 10....The roses were also hand made.

' Spark In Judea' is the next play I will be in. Which Bernard is directing.

Some of you who visit my blog regularly may remember I also made a cake for Bernard's Birthday at Drama last Year!
I hope you all enjoyed the pics... Its something I love to do
See you soon
Priscilla xx


Linda said...

Bernard will love his cake...it is awesome! I love the masks and the ticket is great with the date on it. You are so creative....this cake is so neat, almost too pretty to cut into.

Glad you are having a bit of sun...lots of rain here... Have you been decorating your room? I've taken all the stuff off our dinning room walls and we are gettin ready to paint. I'll be glad to have nice fresh walls. Happy Valentines Day to you all...hugs, Linda

The Olde Dame said...

INCREDIBLE! You have such artistry!

That is a cake to remember and cherish long after the last crumb is eaten!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh you are so good at this.
This cake looks amazing! And I remember that Harry Potter cake from last year, I just loved it!
I wish you could make me cakes every week! Oooh imagine how huge I would be! *giggle*

I'm having a *PINK GIVEAWAY* over at my blog if you want to pop along & join in!


Shelleen said...

awesome job!!!

Books I have read and enjoyed

I am counting down..