Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moving In to the New House!!

Hi Everyone!
 I thought I would update you on the house move. I have the keys and have started moving boxes into the bungalow. Oh the joys! lol. Isn't it funny how much you gain over 4 years, I have cleared out some things but have lots to sort through when I finally move in! I have a week left in my old house to finish moving.
I took some photos before I started unloading all my things. It may take me a while to find a place for everything but I have much more storage so I am looking forward to the process!

This is the living room, it is larger than my last one and brighter too, I have been looking at colour schemes and decorating ideas. I love the fact that it is a blank canvas...

Here are a few photos.. living room
Second Bedroom - Which will be used as my craft room! I have many ideas for this room too. The other side of the room will have  a work table and craft storage.
Fitted wardrobes. Which is great for the craft room! I think I may put my lap-top in the space...
The doors open to the back garden which I think is a great addition to the room.

The kitchen - When I arrived at the house on Sat 23rd July I was pleasantly greeted with a welcome card and a yellow potted rose from the landlady, really made me smile and such a lovely gesture!

I cant wait to make this house a home. Today I am going to my old house to sort out more of my belongings. I have been staying at my parents while my old house is turned inside out. My current landlady has organised for an estate agent to come take photos of the house tomorrow, so she can let it out as soon as I leave, and she wants it tidy! I think this is a bit silly (putting it mildly) as I have a week left to move out and at the moment as you would expect the house is in no fit state to photograph! Boxes everywhere and the cabinets that wont fit into the car have been taken apart so are currently in my living room!  Why she couldn't wait until I leave like she has done with her other tennants ( my neighbours) I will never know!
I adore this living room. I love the blues in the photo. I would like to incorporate these colours and ideas into my own living room. So pretty! and maybe throw in a few bright colours too.... and some crochet cushions lol

See you soon Priscilla x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New House!!

Hello everyone!
              I just wanted to stop by and let you all know the good news! I was chosen to rent the house that I was looking at. Even though it had  a rocky start  to begin with, I am really happy to be moving! One of the main reasons I am moving is to have a little more privacy and a second bedroom. I cant wait to sit out in the garden and plant flowers and just relax, my last garden was very open and communal so it will be a nice change!

I will be turning the second bedroom into  a craft room! So keep an eye out for lots of room makeover photos, as I  hope to show how it is coming along!

I am getting the keys on the 23rd July! I will show more photos then. I have all these ideas for how I would like to decorate swirling around my head! lol

Hope you are all well and talk soon
Priscilla x

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