Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Witchie Cross Stitch progress...

I spent a lot of this week making progress on Witchie Renabest. I have posted over on my Spooky Stitchers Sal too, but just in case you missed me there I am posting here also. I am loving working with the colours in this cross stitch, maybe because they are such bright halloweeny colours!

I finished working on the back stitch and have started on the French knots, which I have not done many of before and finding quite fun to do!

French Knots are on Witchie's eyes, shoes and bubbling over the cauldron...... I have just started the brewing bubbles

I love stitching Autumn/Halloween pieces...What are your favourite themes to stitch?

Hope you are all having a lovely week,

see you soon

Priscilla x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Books and Halloween Stitching...

Hi Everyone, The weather has been quite hot here in the uk for the last couple of weeks, and I have been out in the garden and doing a lot of reading and working on some long ago started cross stitch. You may remember the pile of books I had planned to read? well I took my time and have just finished the last on the list Hubble Bubble -Christina Jones

A very light, feel good book, with magical recipes (but do not get this book expecting to re-create the recipes, some of the ingredients are poisonous!) great characters and romance. I must admit I am not always a huge fan of romance themed books, but with the magical twist it was more enjoyable. This author creates a wonderful cozy village and a set of unusual kooky characters! I do think her second book Seeing Stars is a better read though and a much better story, but I say give them a try if you see them......
Hubble Bubble
Seeing Stars

Like I say I have also been doing some stitching on a project I started a while ago, Witchie Renabest by twisted threads.I am currently working on the back stitching, and hope to make it into a pillow for halloween. To share my love of Halloween and stitching Autumn themed pieces I joined a Halloween SAL, its great to see others work, and meet other people with a love for Halloween stitching, take a look here at Spooky Stitchers Sal

What I am reading now....
I have just started reading The Heretic's daughter - Kathleen kent. I have always been interested in the history of the Salem Witch trials, and this book is fiction set around that time. Kathleen Kent is a tenth generation descendant of Martha Carrier, a character within the book. So I hope it will be a good read!
Check out more info and video clip at Barnes and Noble...The Heretic's Daughter

Well I will leave you all for now, in a couple of hour I am off to our church hall to help my drama company in the first night of their play. I am not in this one, but will be taking part in a one night 'Murder Mystery Evening' Next Saturday!

Talk again soon
Priscilla x

Books I have read and enjoyed

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