Thursday, 3 May 2012

Miss October Cake

Hello Everyone,
                             I hope you are all well. I am still job hunting but in the mean time I am working on my cake knowledge and skills. I am obsessed with those tv shows. Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Cake Challenge. Cupcake wars!!!

I have always wanted to create something like they do on those shows,made from rice krispie treats and wood ha,ha. I found a recipe for rice krispie treats and decided to make a character. I was originally thinking of Alex the Lion from the Madagascar movies.

I changed my mind due to the size of the cakes and chose a Halloween design instead! As you know I LOVE Halloween! So any excuse to make a Halloween cake is fine by me.

I had so much fun making this cake! and felt like I was been challenged. The cake wasn't eaten,it was just a practise cake for me.

I thought you may like to see a the cake and a little word from me!
Hope you enjoy the video, see you all again soon

Priscilla xxx

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