Sunday, 25 September 2011

Halloween!!! and craft room!

Hi Everyone,
                          well its nearly that time of year again! My favourite time of year Halloween. This year has flown by and although I love the Autumn this year has gone far too quickly. Lots of great things have happened though, many changes in my life. I moved house this year and my parents have just sold their house! 2011 seems a year of change. Anyhow it is not quite over yet, lol

I have been turning the spare room I showed you last time into a craft room.It is early days, but I am happy with my my little craft space. I am adding a few more drawers, I was going to get a larger table but this little one is fine for now! I can build it up over time. I mostly make my fimo creations in this space.

I love my Keep Calm and Carry on poster! I think it suits the craft room. The picture in the frame is some wrapping paper I loved, cupcakes with sparkle on ;)

I have also been making some Halloween fimo charms for bracelets etc. This collection was for one lady! I had a ball making these.... I am now thinking of Christmas!
Dracula Face! Made from fimo......

Well I will go for now I am making some more fimo items. I am at School tomorrow and they are preparing for the harvest festival. We are learning a song about 'peas from the pod'! lol The course is going well so far and I am loving my time at the school.

Bye for now Priscilla x

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