Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Yankee Candles..Happy Easter

Just popping in to say hi !!I have been away so long! Such a lot has been happening at the moment, but one thing that always remains constant is my love for Yankee Candles! No matter what changes around me..these stay to brighten up my days..
I wanted to share with you this amazing find! I found this Yankee Tart burner at the Charity shop where I work! I got it for an amazing price, It still had the Yankee label on the bottom it should of been $19.99,
On the same day I also found this beautiful Cake Plate! I have wanted one for a long time I have seen them in shops !

So I set both items aside and also picked up a CD ROM ..

Now the amazing part - I got all this for £3.00 !!! Isn't that amazing, they were been extremely generous! I do love working there..and was so happy for this xx
Do you like the ceramic cupcakes! I love them they were a Christmas gift 2 year ago they are Hanna's scented Soy candles Mint, Apple, Vanilla
I also have two more. I had no pretty way to display them until I found this cake plate. So here they all sit on my kitchen table..

I just adore Yankee candles. My mum and I are always treating ourselves...here is my current collection, that I am trying to organise!

Sampler Candles.. Mulled Wine, Pomegranate Cider, Moonlight Harvest,Silver Bells,Pumpkin Spice,Mackintosh, Gingerbread, Good Morning, Lemon Lavender, Christmas Pudding, Baby Powder, Christmas Eve, Freesia, Country Linen, Sweet Honeysuckle, Spring Bouquet,Meadow Blossom, Blueberry Scone, Fruit Smoothie, Shortbread Cookie, Pineapple Paradise, Fresh Mint

My favourites are Mackintosh and Pumpkin !
Hope you enjoyed a little look at my candles, do you love Yankee Candles too, what are your faves?
Happy Easter Everyone, see you all again soon
Priscilla x

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