Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hi Everyone.
I am sorry for my absence. I have had a very,very upsetting couple of week regarding my dads health I don't want to go in it it too much but I am happy to say he is feeling a lot better.
I would like to talk about the books I have been reading recently. As you know I bake and decorate cakes and what is better than reading a book that contains a tv cake competition! That is the theme of the book I have just finished reading.. called Death Takes The Cake ...

Synopsis from GoodReads: "To help boot ratings on her show Della Carmichael agrees to enter a televised cake competition sponsored by Reggi-Mixx, even though the company's owner, Regina Davis is an old college nemesis. When she finds someone drowned in a mixing bowl of batter, Della realizes solving this murder will be no cakewalk."

I enjoyed reading this book, the connection to baking is why I enjoyed reading. I would of liked a bit more in regards to the mystery itself. The theme reminded me a lot of the 'Food Network Cake Challenge' , that is on the Food Network channel. Not so many twists and not a lot in action or suspense but an enjoyable cozy all the same.

I also read and really enjoyed "Mama Does Time"
This is one of the better cozies I have read recently, great characters! and I also really loved 'Heaven Preserve us'
This author writes in a style that does not annoy you as you read. Some amateur sleuth's find themselves in silly situations with no regard for their safety and with no real reason for pushing their nose in... BUT this author deals with that problem with style, the plot is believable and she treats the characters and reader with respect...

I have read quite a few cozies and I am still waiting to read one that has it all, great character and a good plot and twists. When I find a great one I'll let you know!

Currently Reading. I can feel Autumn on its way here in the uk, it has been windy and raining and I have been in the mood for a autumn feel read. I enjoy reading fiction set at the time of the Witch Trials and I found this book at the library. Although not set in Salem it is so far a very gripping emotional read...set in Germany 1507.

Back of Book " When a visiting friar suggests that witchcraft is to blame for their failing crops, irmeltrud sees and opportunity to get rid of her burdensome mother-in-law, Gude. Frustrated with having to feed the old woman who brings nothing to the table,she is quick to point the dreaded finger of suspicion. Gude has three days to clear her name, or be led to the stake"....

I hope you are all well and I will be visiting your blogs and catching up... Bye for now

Priscilla x

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