Monday, 12 July 2010

Reading, Nature and the moon!

Hi Everyone.

I have once again been taking photos with the new camera and thought I would share some of the pics. I have never taken a photo of the moon before and it was such a beautiful night so very clear. I am now on the hunt for tripod!

I love the details the camera managed to pick up! 12 x optical zoom... I would love to take a shot with a tripod when dark.

Remember those Ducks In one of my last posts? Look who came to visit again and brought little fuzzy fur balls with her!

These little guys hung around my place for a long time, in the back garden, then they moved to the front and had a little drink. there were 9 chicks!

Aww so cute!

After a day of playing with the camera and my new friends, I settled down with a good book, my trip to the library had me spoilt for choice! Here's what I picked up..

Books on making miniature food ( a new project for me).Photography, Some YA fiction. And cozy mystery books.

I finished Heaven Preserve Us by Cricket McRae . I enjoyed this cozy.

I am currently reading Burning Issy a YA book with a tale set around the Pendle Witches in Lancashire uk.. Good so far.

I will say bye for now see you all soon

Prisiclla x

Books I have read and enjoyed

I am counting down..