Saturday, 19 April 2008

I am still here! Quick update...

Hi everyone,
I am so sorry its been so long. I have had some trouble with my computer as we changed our Internet provider, I have lost all my emails and contacts and the web has not been working correctly. I have recently bought a laptop! yippee so I will be working from that in the future but have yet to set it up to the web, I cant wait to use the laptop instead of the pc, I have wanted one for a long time........... I am reading all your messages now and wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely comments on the flowers in my previous post, I hope to update soon on how the new seeds are doing, many already come through, so hope to post pics soon. I just wanted to let you know I havnt disappeared! When I get a new email address I will send it to my friends in blog land, as I am not receiving emails on the old address, although they said I would for the first week! I am going to try and visit you all now while I can and the pc is behaving itself!

See you again very soon

Priscilla xxx

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

'In an English Country Garden' and Easter Basket Swap

Hi All, What a lovely spring day it is here at Priscilla's Cottage! Today I was able to get out into the sunshine and plant some of the flower seeds I have been wanting to sow as soon as the weather would let me. I am a beginner gardener and mainly concentrate on seeds and plug plants, with quite surprising happy results! Cottage gardens inspire me and that is the look I am trying to create. This year I am in a new home and have started to think about what I can do to decorate the front, I thought some nice containers and window boxes would do just fine ........ here is the front of the house so you can see how it looks at the moment...
Now not all of this is my house! The end cottage nearest to the camera is mine, The old plant pot was the previous owners which I have removed ready for my new ones..... Can you see how much more colourful it would look with some beautiful flowers? I don't think my neighbours are into much gardening!

Cottage flowers are so beautiful arnt they? very peaceful looking.....Today I planted Stocks, Candy Tuft, Larkspur, Cornflower, Chinese-forget-me-not, I also hope to plant Lupins, Hollyhocks and any others that I have........ here are some inspiring cottage gardens........

Last year I tried my hand at gardening on my parents front lawn, the flowers were grown from seed and went a bit wild, I was really surprised they all came through. I left the garden to itself......... here is what it looked like towards the end of summer. A lot of the flower heads were gone at this stage, I really wish I had taken the picture earlier! There were marigolds, Asters, Dahlia, Stocks, Larkspur, Cosmos(those were huge!!!! they are most of the green you can see, which had large Pink daisy head flowers! and many others I squashed in, ha,ha

This is my parents lawn before the plants really took off! I grew most of them on windowsills then transferred them to the garden..... I had no idea how much they would grow and they grew and grew and grew.....

I'll keep you posted how the recent seeds are doing.....

Now onto something different, my Easter Basket Swap

I am so pleased to tell you my parcel did arrive on the 27th of March, but oh how it was worth the wait! I can not believe the amazing things Lisa had put into the package, I am so thrilled, many of the items she sent I can not even get where I live.....craft items, material (cupcakes) how perfect is that! Chocolate, a Scrap book album, Scrapbook/craft papers, cupcake items/liners and lots more, also a beautiful hand made banner Lisa made herself, here are some photos!

All these craft goodies were contained within a beautiful tin with my initial on the front, Isn't it sweet, I love the cupcake tickets, thank you Lisa for such a wonderful basket....... I am really looking forward to making something with the materials, maybe some pillows, hearts, or an apron, I am not sure yet but I will be having a great time !

And finally I did want to add my literary Tea post, although I am very behind schedule for it. I think it would make this post way too long though so I hope to post soon, also with the next topic which I think is Tea as part of home Decoration

Have a great week and see you again soon
Priscilla x

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