Saturday, 11 December 2010

Another Year Older! Feeling Festive..

Hi Everyone,
It was my Birthday yesterday! 32 where did the time go??? lol. I had a lovely day and celebrated a few days before with a Christmas meal with the drama group. A good time was had by all... I am the one in the festive red top! I am also wearing one of the Christmas pudding pendants from the previous post!

On the 27 th November we had the Christmas church fayre. I always make a cake to raise funds for the church and all the drama group helps out. this year we raised £26, so we were happy! Joan and I sat taking the guesses for the 'Guess The Weight Of The Cake' at the fayre.

I put the decorations up early this year. Usually they go up the 8th so they are up for my birthday on the 10th,but this year I felt extra festive and put the tree up on the 1st!!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas See you again soon

xx Priscilla


Carin said...

Happy belated birthday !!! I love that cake with the gingerbread on it. Just found your blog and become a follower, because I loved reading through you blog. You have read many books which I also loved !!

Florence and Mary said...

What a gorgeous cake!

Victoria xx

Carin said...

Last night I used your recipie of shotbread to back yule cookies and they where delicious !!!!

Books I have read and enjoyed

I am counting down..