Saturday, 22 May 2010

Our Play: 'Spark In Judea'

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying great weather? It has been so hot here today! Lets hope it keeps it up! I thought I would share a few photos of a production my theatre company put on for Easter! I know time has gone by since then, but there has been so much happening time just disappeared! My parents are wanting to sell their house so we have been on a huge clear out, we are still working on it!
This play followed Pontius Pilate and his wife and many others...(I played his wife) before and during the crucifixion of Jesus. The play was a success and we enjoyed taking part in it. It was a rather eventful play though, we were not sure everyone would remember their lines as it was a three act play, with some challenging long speeches! but we pulled it off within the last few rehearsals... Here are some photos of the night...we preformed one night in the church itself which was a great experience
Backstage.. The best thing about been in this play was getting to preform along side my good friends.. We are a small company but don't always get to work alongside our friends.. The lady with the long hair is called Helen , she played Mary Magdalene.
Here are my other good friends. Joan to the right of me (I am the one in the middle) ;) and Hazel behind. The costumes were amazing on this show! The costume lady spent a few month looking at costumes on the web, and the male costumes have layers of cotton!
I love the set too ! The fabric was just so rich and we had candles onstage... This is Claudia Procula and Aurelian the architect chatting over old times..

Pontius Pilate and Claudia Procula ( Dave and me) Dave and I enjoyed been in this play, it is the largest role I have played yet..!

Real fruit !

We are now looking at scripts for plays in October, .. If I am not cast in that play, we will all take part in the Pantomime in Feb next year

I hope you enjoyed looking at our photos from 'Spark In Judea' I have to return my costume yet, you can become quite attached to them ha,ha ...

have a great weekend everyone, Take care

Priscilla x

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