Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding! Cake and celebration x

What a lovely day it was yesterday! Prince William got married! I watched the event on tv from around 9.30 am, then I had to deliver a cake to a friend who was having a 'Wedding Party'

I arrived at 11.00 am, just as kate was stepping out of the car to show the world her wedding dress. I was quickly ushered into the living room to catch the first glimpse! lol

I delivered the cake and came home to watch the rest..... Every other house I passed had bunting in the windows and flags flying. Since everyone had the day of work the air was filled with a wonderful atmosphere....
I loved making this cake, my friend said use your imagination and go wild! So I thought what better to have on a Royal cake but the queens Corgi dog celebrating the wedding with a cupcake!
I also added horseshoes,bells,roses and hand painted flags on the corgi's hat and cupcake topper!

And I wanted to share this.... How funny!! the best moment of the whole day. At around 3.00pm after the prince and his new wife had been inside for a while they emerged in this!

They chatted to each other laughing and waving, such a fun sight to see! Balloons were trailing behind with the words Just Wed. .... the crowds cheered and laughed.

A fantastic day..... hope you have enjoyed the photos
Priscilla xx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mothers Day..

Hi Everyone. Last Sunday was mothers day here in the uk and we had a nice relaxing weekend. I had been working on a little gift for my mum for a few week, mum likes to wear a keyring on her handbag so I made her this Bunny in a watering can.
The photo above is of mum and me in Egypt Luxor around 3 year ago.Mum loves Egypt we sometimes say she must of lived in Egypt in a previous life! lol... Dad took the photo! My mum and me are very close and spend time doing things together,gardening,going to the cinema, sharing stories etc. So this year I thought I would do a mothers day post .... Mum and me many years ago! lol.... I was 19 in this photo I am 32 now... I remember this day. I used to have really long hair and I had it cut into a bob,mum had her hair done too by the mobile hairdresser we both used! Oh how time flies by ;)

Here is another photo of the bag charm...... and the back of the charm...
If you celebrated Mothers day on Sunday hope you all had a lovely day xx Bye for now Priscilla xxx

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