Saturday, 19 September 2009

Autumn Reading..Volunteering

Hi Everyone,

Goodness is it really September, where did the time go? I am still here and getting into my normal routine for Autumn, searching outs books to read as the days and nights get colder!

I have also been doing some volunteer work for the last few month at a local Maritime Museum, helping with childrens craft activities and watching the museum floor. Its been a really great couple of months, I am there on Tuesdays now as the children have gone back to school and I am to start in the little gift/coffee shop soon. I will share some more photos of the shop and museum in another post..

Autumn Reading..

Here are the autumn theme books I have just brought back from the library...

Frill Kill - Laura Childs I have just begun reading this book, so far I am enjoying it. I also read The Jasmine Moon Murder by the same author.

I always like to read books set around halloween at this time of year.. here is the synopsis from

'This Halloween, the bestselling mystery author makes New Orleans even spookier than usual. Carmela's friend Ava is having a Halloween bash at her scrapbooking store, and she hires a sexy Tarot reader named Giovanni to work the crowd. What he doesn't foretell is that on her way home Carmela will find the body of a beautiful model behind a Dumpster, and be attacked herself. But he's the one who appears to save her-or was he already there? '

And this one that I dont know a lot about but the cover looks enticing..ha,ha Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun - Kathleen Bacus

'After being stalked by a psycho dunk-tank clown, Tressa Jayne Turner takes a break from reporting until a reclusive and rather strange best-selling writer arrives in town.'

What books are you reading at the moment? Or do you have a Autumn/Halloween favourite...
See you again soon
Priscilla x

Books I have read and enjoyed

I am counting down..