Monday, 28 November 2011

The Crucible Play

Hi Everyone,
                      Well it is all over and what a fantastic time we all had!!! I am sad to see it end but we have some great photos from the show. We staged the play on the floor so we could be near to the audience.It simple set but most affective I think. Hope you enjoy the photos, I am Elizabeth Proctor in the brown dress, John proctor is in the cream shirt, Rev hale,Abigail and Mary Warren. If you do not know the story to the Crucible I recommend you read it or watch the movie.Such a powerful story based on real events on the Salem Witch trials of 1692.
Here I am as Elizabeth Proctor.I loved the costume!!
John Proctor,Elizabeth and Rev Hale. Hale had come to question the proctors about Witchcraft in their house. Elizabeth is accused.
John and Elizabeth arguing before Hale arrives at the door.
Elizabeth hands the poppet over to the court. The poppet is the reason Elizabeth is taken to the jail. Although it belongs Mary Warren....
Rev Hale telling us I am accused of Witchcraft. He asks us lots of questions about our beliefs.
 Elizabeth telling John Abigail wants her dead so she can replace Elizabeth in their marriage!
 Act 1. The afflicted girls, Betty and Rebbecca Nurse comforting the screaming child.
Rev Hale tells Tituba to confess to witchcraft and go back to god. Abigail is in the yellow dress,she had an affair with my husband!

John rips up the warrant for Elizabeth's arrest!!
In the rehearsal room. There were 20 members of cast in this play,not everyone was there for this photo. We had a fantastic time and I cant wait to do another with this group!!! Hope you enjoyed the photos. These are taken from Act 1 and 2. If I can get hold of act 3 and 4 I will post those too....

See you all again soon Priscilla xx


Carin said...

Thank you SO much for the pictures !! I thought I didn't know this movie but after seen your pictures I remember this movie, so I have seen it.
I love those customes and YOU are just a real actress (hope I write this word correct) Steven Spielberg ... watch out, here's she comes :-)
Thanks again for the picture !

Florence and Mary said...

Great pictures!

Victoria xxx

Carin said...

Dear Priscilla, I have come to wish you a Merry Christmas !!!!

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