Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year.. Ideas,Ideas!!

My house Christmas 2009
Happy New year!!!! Welcome 2010.... Although Christmas is over and I am looking forward and making plans for the new year... I am still enjoying the Christmas mood while I can, mainly the tree lights! I never want to take them down...I just love sitting and reading or stitching in the cozy glow... ahh well.... soon it will be time to say goodbye... so I will enjoy them a little longer!

I have decided 2010 is the year I make my bedroom look and feel more warm and cozy... I have struggled for a while with what type of look I want in there... at the moment it is quite plain, when I first moved into my house I concentrated on the living room and kitchen. Now its the bedroom's turn.

I debated over bright colours...knitted items, along the lines of Cath Kidston? Or a more Prim style.... warm colours with a old worldly feel?
So I have made a decision.... PRIM it is... it suits my house more, my carpet is deep green, I have white walls, pine doors and ceiling beams! (looking at it this way it should have been a easy decision! lol)
I found this photo on the web...this is my dream bedroom!!!!
of course..... eventually I will probably add things that do not match this theme! but for now my plan is to start somewhere...

First on my PRIM list...1. Stacked Boxes

From what I can see from the other amazing PRIM style homes here in blog create the look correctly I need to get myself some boxes similar to these.. I may buy plain ones and have a go at painting them myself.... another project on the to do list! ha,ha

2. I would also like to find some curtain material like this... but maybe blue check instead of brown.

Go check this website out for the most beautiful styled homes

3. I also noticed a lot of hand made pictures suit this type of decor ...embroidery and cross stitching are used a lot!!!!! (Perfect, keep me busy in the new year) using tea/coffee stained muslin...I have been browsing and found some cute free embroidery patterns...

This is my plan for the beginning of the New Year, I will let you know how I go in finding my items, if anyone has any ideas or tips or links...I would love to hear them!

See you again soon and Happy New Year!

Priscilla x


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, I do love the prim look! Don't forget to maybe include some rustic grapevines twined around the curtain rods and such -- one of my bloggie friends even put little white lights mixed in and would turn them on at night, very cozy indeed!

For little touches, stop by Nan's bloggie, it's a blogspot blog Ole Crow's Nest Nan I believe - she shares a lot about making jelly jar luminaries and such, just little prim touches...

Happy 2010!!!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Oh, I love decorating...wish I could help....keep us posted step by step!!! Dianntha

MBT said...
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MBT said...

it is good
i like it

Mrs C said...

Wow I have that metal star on the shelf above the bed! (mine is hanging in the kitchen) I love the patchwork quilt on the bed too. You have inspired me to make a few changes too.
Mrs C x

Florence and Mary said...

The prim look is fabulous I can wait to see how you get on with styling your new bedroom

Victoria xx

Mrs C said...

Hello again, you got me thinking and I remebered this site that you may like to check out. Good Luck

Mrs C x

Anonymous said...


Always smiling said...

What lovely ideas, Laura Ashley has checked curtaining and boxes.

Happy Decorating!

Chris x
Blog hopped from Linda in CA!

Shelleen said...

I saw the pic of that bedroom and thought it was yours and couldn't figure out why you would want to change it haha.

Tammy said...

I love that bedroom too! Good luck in your decorating and please post pics along the way!

Rose said...

Happy new year to you!
I also love chritmas lights, recently i found some amazing rose lights on ebay that i plan on buying, i thought they will looked perfect draped over my bed head :)
It sounds like you have huge ideas for your bedroom! Looking forward to seeing how you go.
I cant wait to get my own place next year and start decorating!


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