Friday, 23 January 2009

Think Thin Thursday Week 1 results...

The Not-So-Blog Think Thin Thursday a day late! I have been having blogger issues, has anyone else? I wanted to check in anyway and let you all know how I got on with this weeks goals....I am happy to say I stuck to my exercise plan! to walk 4 times this week around 20 mins, and I did I walked 5 times!! and worked out to some music, and my exercise vid once.

I haven't lost any weight, but that's ok, I tried some new bread and yogurts this week.......but didn't eat the rest. I read the labels to find........with shock....the brown seed bread had 4g of fat a slice!! That's a lot for one slice! and a well known brand low fat yogurt has 10g Sugar!! So no wonder I didn't lose weight, I couldn't walk off a few slices of bread and 4 yoghurt's in a week, So I have taken them out of the diet (I only added them thinking they would be good for me).

It really shows you have to check the labels, so many foods are advertised as low fat /low sugar and they are NOT. So I am sticking to fresh snacks.... and checking everything! ha,ha

My goal for next week is very similar to this one..

1. Walk...4 0r 5 times a week, work out to music, move my body as much as I can
2. No eating after 9.00pm! I don't sleep till late so this tends to catch me out, So I hope to stick to it

See you all again soon!

Priscilla x


Vintage Tea said...

Well done on keeping up with your walks... I'm still being really bad about doing any exercise but am now offically down a dress size!

Pay day today and had to go out and replace loads of clothes and underwear!

Victoria xx

Linda said...

I think your walking program plus working out is great and so very important. Every step you take, gets you closer to your goal. Reading labels is such and eye amazing lots of foods that are good for us have high sugar and fat counts. Keep reading the labels and you'll find lots to have....hugs, Linda

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yer so right, dearie, about checking those foods labels...lots of ingredients hidden in them-- sometimes it's quite a surprise to find out just what is in something we eat!

So glad you are walking -- now that takes some determination I do believe in yer part of the world, as the weather can be quite bad, chilly and such...keep it up, me dear, for yer health!!!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Great job...keep going. I have lost one pound so far..started about 4 days ago. I need to drink lots of water to lose...hang in there. Dianntha

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hello, Just found you tonight ,really enjoyed visiting with you.
Good luck with your walking,maybe will start next week,so I told myself that last week!!!!LOL

BumbleVee said...

If you are interested in trying some home made bread...I have a recipe for the tastiest loaf called Peasant fat...yep you read it right....none... it also has no sugar..but, I add a blob of honey when I make it, just because I like to.... it's actually very easy to make..I'm a rookie bread baker.... and it is soooo yummy...

Tuscan Peasant Bread

Wild Rose said...

Isn't it surprising how much sugar some of these low-fat foods contain? I think it is to make up for the lack of flavour.

Good for you in sticking to your regime ~ the weight loss will come.

Marie x

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