Thursday, 15 January 2009

Think Thin Thurs... Week 1 !

The Not-So-Blog Hi everyone, Here I am with my goals for week one of Think Thin Thurs.
Before I add the weeks goals I d like to talk about my overall goals....and here the list begins!

I would like to lose 2 st at the end of this journey, or near to that
To Exercise more! This is where I lack.... I hope to walk more or even dance around the house!and dust off all those old exercise vids!
Shake up my diet...... try new foods recipes etc,Eat more veg on a regular basis
To live a more healthy, Active lifestyle

So my goals for this week are manly exercise related...
1. To walk at least 4 times a week, around 20mins each
2. To work out to my Dance Exercise (Anita Harris) vid at least two times this week
I am Keeping it simple to begin with, then concentrate on the weight loss.

Have you noticed when you truly decide to do something, everything that you need to do it more efficiently tends to find you? here is my little story.....

I have no grill pan, when I moved house it was missing, which didn't really bother me until recently I started eating more bacon etc. I was thinking of buying one of the huge ones, but when there is only me what a waste! At the beginning of this week in a booklet I saw a ......George Foreman Grill, I thought what a good idea, no need for the huge oven. I visited my Grandma Yesterday, and what should she be considering getting rid off........A George Foreman Grill she bought years ago that she doesn't use!!!

So now I am the proud owner of this Ever so Cute Pink Grill !
I will be postng the healthy recipes I try with it!

I am pleased to say I have already cooked bacon in it, and its wonderful, I visited this website and they have some great recipes for the grill . Bridgette's task for this week is to give a website or blog that helps you on your weight loss Journey, I hope you enjoy the George Foreman Recipe Link.

Good Luck to everyone who is following a healthy lifestyle and see you all next Thurs......

Priscilla x


The Southern Housewife said...

Good luck- you can do it! :)

And I love that grill! Pink is my favorite!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

A stone is 14 pounds? I could stand to lose 2 of them too, then! I want to get back into walking and biking, if the weather cooperates that would be lovely. I do think it's hardest to lose weight in winter, because you get stuck indoors and there are also so many holidays involving food...good luck with your grill, please post if it works well!

Linda said...

Priscilla, your over all goals are great and the goals for this week are just right...not over are on your way.
I love your little pink grill...using it will make cooking even more fun. Check out the Weight Watcher site there is lots of good info to be found...hugs, Linda

ohiofarmgirl said...

I wondered what st stood I know! lol
Just popping in to say....go for it. Best wishes to you. Dianntha

Vintage Tea said...

How cute is that pink grill!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Victoria xx

Teresa said...

I like your pink grill, mine is gray! I really enjoyed cooking on mine. I used it to make grilled sandwiches. Thanks for the link. I look forward to your recipes!

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