Thursday, 9 October 2008

Posting Spooky....Halloween Spirit

I am finally posting my first 'Post Spooky'! Leume over at Beach Treasure is hosting this blog Event.....Posting spooky through October.

It is the perfect time for me to post as I have spent the last three weeks deeply involved in thoughts of Halloween..... a friend is having a party on the 31st and of course needed another girl friend around to help her choose all the party essentials, candy, table decor and the 'Black wig' or the 'white one'? And I myself have been dancing in the halloween spirit.......I spent this week indulging in old movies, adding my halloween decorations, searching out pumpkins......and buying candy for a mini party I am having on the 28th!

To set the scene I thought id share this photo with you, this is the 20 min walk to my parents house...which I walk often to visit them both........When the air is crisp and the leaves have fallen I know its time to think Halloween.....

Does anyone remember this?.......I started this stitching last year and never got around to finishing it, so here it is after I completed it! I am so happy I can now add it to the halloween decorations, and I quite like how it looks on the painted tv cabinet (Which I painted when I first moved in last year!) Its made from some cream cotton pillow case fabric and tea stained! I enjoyed making it and it was really simple to do....that I think I might make other sayings...Like 'The Witch is in' or 'Witches Kitchen'
Now that's part of the decorations covered, how about movies? I always enjoy a good film to get me into the spirit of the season........Last weekend was a blustery, chilly day, and so the perfect time to watch the Crucible.....I could hear the birds outside calling and the leaves rustle as I snuggled up with my Galaxy choc drink and watched....... After that, I knew there was no looking back.....Halloween is fast approaching!

Halloween Food? .....I know not particularly 'spooky' but their purpose is, this was my first attempt at home made sausage rolls! I am practising for a get-together I am having on the 28th.... I made the pastry myself, in the book its called 'Ruff-Puff' a lot like Puff Pastry without the hard work! and the sausage are skinless ones I actually like! (i am fussy with sausage!) ha,ha I was happy with the way they turned out, and my dad especially liked them! I made larger ones just for him....

I hope you all enjoyed coming along the spooky trail.......ill be posting more often this month! There should be food and decor, recipes, and maybe a spooky poem or two! I also have a friends party to help plan and my it is a busy month for me and great for 'Posting Spooky'! If you'd like to join hop on over to Beach Treasure...

I'd aslo like to say thank you for all the lovely comments on the halloween Cake!

Bye for now
Priscilla x


Laume said...

Odd coincidence - on your "Books I enjoy" link, you have Chocolat - I just started reading it last night. I've seen the movie already. I usually read the book first, but didn't know this was a book first.

Moving on...

Yah! Glad to see you finally Posting Spooky. And you did a great catch up with lots of fun spookies to enjoy. Those wrapped sausages look yummy. I'm thinking of making some with strips of dough to make them look like mummies.

Your little Witches Brew decoration is too cute! Doesn't it feel great when we finally finish something? I should do so more often.

Do you know I have NEVER been to a Halloween party? I know, impossible to believe. Maybe some year soon I'll throw one myself.

Sarahs Home said...

I love your stitching, well done.

Sarah x

Linda said...

Love your cute stitch....sounds like you are in the Halloween spirit and having fun planning your party and helping your friend. Are wearing costumes?
Are you reading the Twilight series? Lisa and three friends read all 4 books and thought they were great...she wanted you to know they all loved Edward.
Have fun getting ready for the ghost and gobblins....hugs, Lidna

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOohhh yay Halloween piccies! I do love Halloween you know, have I already made that clear before! *Giggle*

We had a fab Halloween party last year and I really went to town on the decorations, I made them all myself and the whole house was set up like a Witches House and I of course was the witch. All the things I did were grubby & primitive and I was so shocked by people's reactions as they really couldn't believe I had done it all myself and how much detail went into everything. I was really quite pleased afterwards!
So hope you have a fab party too.

Anyhoot before I go just wanted to let you know there is a little award for you over at my blog if you have time to pop along.
love Alison

Walker Lady said...

Very cool bags!

Wild Rose said...

Great Halloween bag! The cake from your previous post is amazing ~ enjoy the Halloween spirit!

Marie x

Sarah said...

Hi Priscilla, I am new to blogging. I just started mine two days ago. I LOVE your blog! My favorite movie 'The Holiday' takes place in England. I would love to go some day. I love seeing pictures of your cozy home!

come by my blog at


Anonymous said...
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