Friday, 24 October 2008

Post Spooky....Halloween Gifts,movies and decor!

Looky, Looky what I received!!! A Halloween surprise from my good Friend Linda over at somewhere in Time. I just love getting surprises in the mail............and what a amazing gift this was, take a look......

All wrapped up with tissue and bows! And there is that tasty yummy candy corn that we in the uk can not get!!!!!! Linda knows we dont have Halloween quite the same in the I am really grateful to her for sharing with me such amazing goodies!!

Linda knitted the scarf! What a great piece of work....there is also a halloween magnet, witchy- T-towel, a cute orange halloween cocoa sachet, Witches hat T light holder and I am not done yet.......A pumpkin shaped jar and thread Heaven! I have opened the candy corn and enjoying it tremendously! ha,ha

A big thank you to Linda, you are so very kind, and I love it all! xxx

Now that i am all set and fully in a halloweeny mood, I have begun to gather old movies that I used to watch this time of year
I just found this old movie on Amazon uk.....It was on many many years ago when I was around 10!! Worst Witch the movie, took me straight back to those halloween's as a child, it was on tv one year and my mum taped it, I still know the words and songs today,ha,ha. If you get a chance to buy it I recommend it. I watched it last night after adding the final decorations to the house.

Here are a few of the decorations i'll show more later.....

The cat that lives here all year round, that I bought in Luxor Egypt.....He now wears a autunmy bow, and shares the space with a autumn fairy......Hope you like him!
Halloween Memories......Halloween 2004
This is my Parents house, and how I used to decorate their house when I still lived there, no one else on our street decorated at you can imagine the looks I got! The children liked it though
. I made the wood painted figures in the garden and the silhouettes at the windows, and carved the pumpkins! What a good year this was......I hope you like the little trip down memory lane...

See you again in a few days with more posting spooky!
Priscilla x


ohiofarmgirl said...

Your gifts look like so much fun! You are a lucky person.LOL Looks like you are having a wonderful Halloween celebration! Congrats! Dianntha

Sarah said...

Hi Priscilla, What a lovely gift you recieved. I would die if they didn't sell candy corn here, I don't know what I would do;) Oh ya and I don't see why you couldn't use just a regular pumpkin for the recipe I posted. Its defenately worth a try!


Linda said...

Happy Halloween Priscilla!!

Hugs, Linda

Walker Lady said...

You know what? I could NOT find 'normal' candy corn this year!!! They only had the ones with the chocolate colored bands on them. Bummer...less candy!!! lol
Happy Halloween fellow Post Spooky Poster :)

Vintage Tea said...

I used to LOVE the worst witch books and remember that movie when it was on! I bet it brought back some memories!

Victoria x

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