Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas Tree Decorating Part 1.....And Nice Matters Award

On the 10th December it was my 29th Birthday and as always a few days before we put up our Christmas tree and decorations. This year I have two trees to decorate, my own and my parents. Every year my mum and myself decorate the Christmas tree, it is a tradition I really enjoy especially as years go by I have a new fondness for the vintage baubles in our familiar box of decorations. I am so pleased that through my blog I get to talk about our traditions and decorations, as it is something I hold very dear in my memories. This year I thought I would take a few photographs of our favourites to share with you all as I know many of you also enjoy the beauty of vintage items...........
This year we are decorating a new tree, we loved our old one but thought it time for a change. The new tree is a Canadian spruce, tipped white at the tips and adorned with red berries. The post man sent me two trees when I only ordered one, so my parents now have a new tree also!

The first job in the proceedings................. bring down the box of tree decorations, I have been placing many of these baubles on the tree since I was a child, most of them are from the 60s-70s.
Here are a few close up shots, the gold glass bauble in the centre is one of my mums favourites, I remember it receiving pride of place on the tree!

These pink glass baubles were treated with such care, As a child I always knew which items were precious! Most were delicately wrapped in tissue paper, or carefully placed back in their box until another year..........

Here are another set that are going on my parents tree this year, my mum bought them in the 70s. The baubles are frosted white with pale lilac, and the others are frosted with white glitter. I never really noticed until recently just how beautiful these baubles are...........

A few of our Favourites
And this red one? My Favourite bauble! Every year I would place this glass and fabric bauble on the centre of our christmas tree............ I think it used to drive my family crazy, as I look at it now it is so plain in comparison to others we own.........but it was always special and I gave this one pride of place. As I was decorating my parents tree I was wondering If should take it with me to my new home.....but decided its place is where it has always been, although this year not at the front of the tree! ha,ha

Doesn't this clear reindeer look lovely amongst the new tree? His antlers, tail and collar are glittered, again another that lived in tissue paper!
Little Robin Red Breast has also had a place in our home a long time, he now looks right at home in this new tree,
I d like to show you my new collection of glass figures from Thomas Pacconi, I am a huge fan of qvc the shopping channel that's where these came from. My mum gave me this new set from his range, they are miniature figures and baubles. I really like Thomas Pacconi items, they are very similar in style to Christopher Radko............ They come in a gorgeous wooden crate, with a certificate and plastic to shoe you where each figure lives.

They are hand blown and hand painted, I think they are just very sweet, I will have them a long time.............

The christmas tree is almost finished, just needs another string of beads to place around the top. I think it looks cozy with colour lights and I know white lights are sophisticated, and I do love them.....but sometimes you just need a little bit of colour! This is my mum and dads tree, I will be showing some photos soon of my tree and decorations, I have gone for a more woodsy look..........

I wanted to say thank you to Linda at 'Somewhere In Time' for awarding me with the 'nice matters' award, I am truly honored. I can not imagine what I did without my blog and all you inspirational ladies, What a lovely award to receive! Nice does matter and I will be passing this wonderful award along soon. Thank you again Linda, you are a lovely lady and I enjoy reading your blog also ..........


Priscilla x


Teresa said...

Your parents tree is lovely! The ornamenets from QVC are beautiful. Congratualtions on you honor from Linda you well deserve it. I enjoy Linda's blog also. I am looking forward to pictures of your tree.

Warmest holiday wishes

Whimsy Pink said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love decorating for christmas!I posted mine too!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I enjoyed looking at all the old ornaments...they are my favorites too. Your tree is lovely...it is fun to get a glimpse into others decorations. Thanks for sharing. Dianntha

BittersweetPunkin said...

I have that same reindeer ornament...I've had it FOREVER!!!

Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm 29 too...I have been for the past 12 years!! LOL

Liisa said...

Such lovely ornaments! Thank you for sharing them. I especially like the pink ones...so pretty and feminine!


Anonymous said...

I just adore all your glass decorations you have such a wonderful collection. Congrats on your Nice Matters award it is very well deserved and a VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

Linda said...

Hi Priscilla, glad you had a happy day.
I love your beautiful ornaments they are treasures. Every year when I unwrap my ornaments I too remember sweet memories associated with each one.
I love the colored lights,they do give you a cozy feeling. I have the white lights and I was just saying today and would like colored light next year. Enjoy the season and hello to all. Linda

Felicia said...

What pretty decorations :)

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Your vintage ornaments are so pretty. It's so nice to bring out these special treasures each year. They evoke so may memories and it is always nice to add to them too. Thanks for sharing.

Wild Rose said...

Congratulations on your award Priscilla. I love your beautiful baubles and tree.

Happy Christmas!

Marie x

adam said...
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Linda said...

Hi Prisiclla....Loved seeing your parents tree... and looking forward to seeing your tree especially with your new T.P. ornaments. Hope all is well, hello to all...hugs and Merry Christmas. Linda

BittersweetPunkin said...

Merry Merry Christmas Priscilla!!!


kathyann said...

What a beautiful tree and I love all your baubles ,they remind me of my childhood, my parents had very similar ones to yours mind you I'm probably as old as your parents!!!!!
We would like to wish you and your family
Love from
Kathyann,Ceri,Meghan and Bethany at meg's mum's muffins

michelle said...

Priscilla, I absolutley love your blog and your home!
I am new to blogging myself and have just started my own. Keep up the lovely work!
Happy Holidays!

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