Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Enjoying the Sunshine....


What a gorgeous day its been here in the uk, I am especially pleased to be a part of the blogging community although I must admit it feels strange to think anyone will actually read my blog, 'Will any one be interested in the type of things I put on here'? I am just hoping that sharing the things I love will also appeal to others......

Yesterday the rain came and didnt let up, so I got one of my autumn craft projects together and spent the day snuggled inside working on that, but today is so very warm I had to get out and take some pictures of a rose bush I have growing at my parents house, I have recently gained a love for gardening and enjoying the simple pleasure of looking out at the delicate blooms and colours.

Don't you just love a good book on a nice day? I have just finished reading Laura childs - jasmine moon murder and i am itching to read the rest in the series, such cozy pretty descriptions of country villages, baking, holidays and an un-expected murder!
The Jasmine Moon Murder (Tea Shop Mysteries)

I love summer reading, I place these amongst my 'to read' pile of books . Alongside decor magazines, recipe books, craft projects and finishing Harry Potter book 6 so I can read the last book 7!


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi there Priscilla,I also am new to blogging,and wonder if other bloggers will come visit me, thank you for coming over, just enjoy doing the blog, I love it, it's my journal.Best wishes from Annie x

Storybook Woods said...

Love, love, love Laura Child's tea mysteries. You have good taste :-) Clarice

Allison said...

Hi Priscilla, I have the Laura Child's series too, but I haven't read Jasmine Moon yet. I LOVE mysteries. Oh, and I'm a Sagittarius too!!


Julia said...

Thank you for the book recommendation - I love series and it's so nice to find new ones!

Books I have read and enjoyed

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