Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nail Art

                 Wow I cant believe this year is going so fast! March, where is the time going? I hope you are all well. I am still here although not blogging as much I find blog browsing is so slow on my computer it takes ages for pages to load. But I am still visiting your lovely blogs even if I don't comment as much.

             I am still making cakes, and working at the Primary School as a teaching assistant a few days a week. I have been trying a few more hobbies recently, one of those is nail art. Most of you know I like to make and create and its great to be able to wear art in this way! ha,ha

I thought I would share a few photos of my current nails, I painted the nails by hand using small nail art brushes, and the polish I love at the moment is by RIMMEL 60 Seconds. It seem to last the longest, so far 5 days and still going strong. I am using a top and bottom coat by Seche Vite.
I am really enjoying having a play with my own nails, I have never had long nails before so I am very happy to have grown them this long! I also bought some false nails, my friend loves wearing false nails so she can wear the designs on falsies if she chooses! ;)
Take care and see u all soon xxx Priscilla

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Carin said...

Your nails looks beautiful !!!!
Hope you will show your cakes also another time, because I always enjoy to look at them :-)

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