Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Book Reads of 2010! Add yours...

The Trouble With MagicChain LetterDeath by ChocolatePoisoned Tarts
The Initiation and The Captive, Part IPossessing RayneA Midsummer Night's DeathHex HallClass TripThe Captive, Part II and The Power
JinxPretty is as Pretty DiesThe Book of TomorrowGodmother: The Secret Cinderella StoryBurning IssyHeaven Preserve Us
Mama Does TimeDeath Takes the Cake

Hello Everyone and happy New Year 2011!!

My first post for the new year is book themed one.....I wanted to share all the books I read in 2010, some I loved and others not so much. I rate and review the books I read on a great site called I always enjoy starting the year with a new book or lists I plan on reading.

At the moment I am reading

As you can see by my list I enjoy cozy books but also historical fiction and some YA books too! I hope you enjoy viewing the list. Are there any on the list you have read, what did you think of them? If you make your own 2010 list I would love to see it. Let everyone know by leaving a message and a link to your blog if you are also going to post your reads!

Priscilla's favorite books » My favourite read of 2010 was

Happy reading in 2011 everyone!

Priscilla x


Carin said...

I love seeing your book list and found some titles that sounds great. I'm thinking of ordering:
season of the witch
book of tomorrow
the trouble with magic
Are these good to read? What did you think of them?
The I want to order 3 other mysteries about cupcakes and donuts:
sprinkle with murder
buttercream bumped off
glazed murder
These are always a joy to right but hope to hear about the first 3 books if they are good to read :-)

Priscilla said...

Hi Carin, I enjoyed 'Season of the Witch' although it was different than I imagined it to be.. Its a while ago now that I read that book.I enjoyed it although It is more about women and their charm. 'The trouble with magic' was a light fun read although some parts were not very believable but I enjoyed the magical subject matter so still enjoyed it. I did enjoy 'The Book of tomorrow', part deals with grief,but the story has a magical undercurrent and I liked that element to the book. I have just ordered Sprinkle with Murder it sounds great!!
Look forward to hearing what you read and if you enjoy them x ;)

Carin said...

Wel I order them all 6 so I hope they come in by the end of the week. The book that I'm reading right now is Fallen but I'm half way reading it and I'm going to put it aside and going to finish it later because I don't realy like it. The story goes realy SLOW !!
Did you read the 3 books of Three Sisters Island Trilogy from Nora Roberts. They are so beautiful !!

I also have on my wishlist:
Magus Of Stonewylde
Moondance Of Stonewylde
Solstice At Stonewylde by Kit Berry.
Hope they are good to read too.

Florence and Mary said...

I will be continuing with my book posts this year!! Like you it's good to see what you've actually read!

At the moment I'm reading Twilight!

Victoria xx

Priscilla said...

Oh Victoria Twilight! I read the first one and enjoyed it! Then I bacame lazy and watched the others in movies lol...

Carin I havnt read the Nora Roberts books but will defintely look them up! I really enjoyed the Magus books! mostly for the stonewylde world she has created. ;)

Wild Rose said...

Hi Priscilla,

Happy New Year! I don't think that there are any books on your list that I have actually read. As an avid reader, I generally get through a book a week, but since I returned to midwifery, I only managed about half that number in 2010. If I can find a few minutes, I will try to compile a list (minus all the boring text books that I read last year!)

Marie x

Carin said...

I see you posted some more books. Witch from Barbara Michaels sounds great !!
BTW... I love that Carrot Cupcake Charm. Cupcakes are a favorite of mine !

Linda said...

Happy New Year...

This is so weird, I left a comment about a week ago and just saw it hadn't idea what happened.... anyway I love cozies too. You have a great selection there. I received 4 books for Christmas...I'm on my 3rd one-- a little mystery by Monica Ferris. Cold here... I've spent the day watching football games and stitching...just a relaxing Sunday. Have a great week....hello to your family..hugs, Linda

Carin said...

I finished The Witches trinty and I realy like that one, it was amazing to read !!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Priscilla,

It took me five weeks, but I've finally added my reading list to my blog - you will find it in the right-hand column.

Thanks for sharing some of your favourites.

Marie x

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