Thursday, 10 June 2010

Random..and books

Hi Everyone,
Reading and books... I love books! I just thought I would share this small but rather fun piece of info with you... I have always enjoyed reading but books seem to have become a large part of my life this year. Last year I volunteered at Cancer Research where I organise and sort through large amounts of all types of books, which I love! All those old dusty books, and often brand new ones!.. I also work at the library on Thursdays with a computer class but when quiet I browse the shelves for hours!

Oh and am I the only one who is addicted to amazon??? I have also found a great site called GoodReads where you can share your love of books with others, more find books to read, and list the ones you have read... Its a great site.
So yeah, books are where I am at right now lol....

I thought I would share some of the ones I have read recently, I read all sorts as you can see

Godmother The Secret Cinderella Story . This was beautifully written, made me want to read. The story was unusual and took a few twists on the Cinderella tale, but I enjoyed it. Found at the library waiting for computer beginners!
The Book Of Tomorrow - Really enjoyed this one! Magical read... Found at the Charity shop, brand new hard back..gorgeous book.
A cozy.. Pretty Is As Pretty Dies- Found this a bit slow..I cant remember much about it actually! A old lady sleuth..

A Young Adult Book - The Secret Circle Not a bad read. Magic among young adults. I have just got the second and final part to read.

I am also going to read my first Nancy Drew ! Yes I have heard many good things here in blog land I know I am no longer a child but I do enjoy reading the Ya and children's are just wonderful too.

I am starting Jinx - Meg Cabot a YA book

of books ready to enjoy but will show them another time..

And here is a little birdy that I just adore! My parents gained him when my grandma went into a care home, he's called Beauty and is the most talkative little thing. He tells us he is beautiful, a good boy, come on beauty,asks us what we are doing, and even Wolf whistles every now and then!

Until next time Bye for now
Ps. Can someone tell me how to copy and paste now in blogger? It dosnt have the option any more. I wanted to put a synopsis of Jinx from Amazon..any help would be great xx Thanks

Priscilla x


Florence and Mary said...

I LOVE books too and am obsessed with my libraries online ordering service.

I'm constantly backwards and forwards between Amazon and the Library ordering books, comparing suggestions, working out which series book is first.

Even worse is I love it if I've chosen and book and can't get into reading it as it means I'm straight on to the next one!

Victoria x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh I'm a book lover too & we seem to have the same taste so I always love your recommendations!
Ooh blogger is a pain lately I think with the copy & paste thing. You have to do it using the control buttons now if I remember rightly, so Ctrl holding down C is to copy & Ctrl holding down V is to paste! Hope this helps.
Have a lovely weekend

Linda said...

Oh, I love books too. Reading has carried me away to so many wonderful places and I've met the most interesting people....I will always have a book close at hand. When I was younger I read nearly all the ND books...loved her...I still have several of her books.

Beauty is a beauty....I just think it's amazing how they can talk....hugs to you and yours...Linda

Books I have read and enjoyed

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