Sunday, 19 July 2009

Strawberries and Garden...

Hi Everyone, I am sorry its been so long since I last posted. I am having trouble viewing blogs, the pc pauses then crashes, I don't understand it, I work from a lap top and my parents just got a new pc and it does it on theirs too..... must be vista? So I just havnt been on as often as usual, ......... but I wanted to let you all know I am still here and share some pretty photos! ha,ha

I have been growing Strawberries.... which I have never grown before..... I had them outside to begin with until something ate 3 of the berries! So brought them inside my parents porch.

I have tasted about 5 but ooohh they do have a bitter bite to them! Still fun though....ha,ha

Parents Garden....
I wanted to show you this beautiful tree my parents have growing in their garden, I have no idea what its called......... When I was at school I had a boyfriend called David, his dad gave my mum a cutting of the tree......... and ever since we named the bush 'Davids Dads Tree'....... we still call it that now, it kinda stuck!

Close up of the flowers...... Do you have any idea what the tree could be?

Neighbours Flowers..........over the garden gate

These beautiful Peony blooms are not mine or my parents, they are my parents neighbours! This is the dividing fence, so we get to enjoy them too.......

I hope you have enjoyed the little garden tours....... Have a wonderful week

See you again soon

Priscilla x


~Kristen~ said...

Everything looks beautiful Priscilla! I just posted about my garden, too! I love it. I had trouble with strawberries getting eaten, too. I think it was birds. My parents told me to cover them with cheesecloth. Seems to working so far. I haven't had to try yet, though.

I am not sure what the blog problem could be. I wouldn't doubt if it were Vista. I hear a lot of people having problems with it. I use a Mac so I guess I am no help.

Heide said...

It looks like a Mock Orange tree/shrub. There are several different varieties. Yours (if this is indeed what it is) is lovely. Here's a picture found at random in the web.

Linda said...

Hi Priscilla, I love strawberries and even some I buy are too tart for me...I always have to add a bit of sweetner.
The flowers are so pretty...I have no idea what the white one is but it is lovely and so is the peony. I love peonies, my granma grew them and when I see them they always bring back happy memories...hugs, Linda

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Douse the remaining berries in powdered sugar! Maybe that will remove the bitterness! Sure is a pretty plant.

I don't know what those flowers are, I was thinking perhaps a type of spirea?

The peonies are the best kind of flower -- the neighbors have to worry about the work, but y'all get to enjoy the blooms!

Wild Rose said...

How delicious ~ I love strawberries! Such pretty blooms too ~ I have no idea what that white one is ~ hopefully, someone out there will know.

Enjoy your summer Priscilla,

Marie x

Florence and Mary said...

Hi Priscilla,

I've been having the same problems with blogs both at home and work and after speaking to another blogger it's apparently an internet explorer error.

I'm now accessing blogs through firefox search engine and so far so good!

Victoria xx

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, we are so excited that you are joining our Wizard of Oz Gala! Thank you so much for participating! It is going to be so much more fun now that you are going to be a part. It is so nice to meet you, I am enjoying looking through your blog. It's beautiful. Have a nice day! Twyla

BittersweetPunkin said...

Beautiful blooms and I LOVE your must be existing to see the fruits of your labor! My Mom has a small strawberry crop that pops up every year...although this year they didn't have much sun so far so she said they didn't get very red.

Hugs to you!

Michelle said...

How lucky to have home grown strawberries.. The flowers are beautiful. My auntie had a peony bush and it was my favorite growing up.

Stop by if you would like to enter my giveaway..

Have a wonderful day and I love your witch stitch.


Tammy said...

Awesome pics! Don't know what the flowers are but those peonies are glorious too!

VAYANKEE said...

Those peonies are to die for! I just love peonies, rememering as a child that a neighbor had them.

Four years ago I bought myself a peony plant for Mother's Day. It was rather expensive, $14 USD.

The second summer, no blooms at all and it looked half dead.

BUT last Mother's Day and this one - one perfect bloom, all at once on Mother's Day. It is a little miracle to me.

Jo in southern Virginia

Sassy J said...

Your blog is so inviting.....what beautiful flowers! I too love to bake. This afternoon I baked a "Big Pound Cake" that was my grandfathers recipe. He was 89 when he passed on and cooked to the very last minute. Jennifer

Elise said...

Hello, what a beautiful blog you have here ! I just had to leave a note for you - I've really enjoyed looking through your posts and pictures. They are all very interesting and creative. Best wishes and thank you...

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