Friday, 1 August 2008

Pendle Lancashire.....

On Wednesday the 30th July I visited Pendle in Lancashire England, I have wanted to visit for many a year and we finally took the 1 hour car trip up there whilst my dad had a week off work..... Pendle is well know for its 'Pendle Witches', the accused were walked a 45 mile to Lancaster Prison to await death, the others were hung on pendle hill!
It is a lovely part of the country, so many small villages, churches, and natural beauty....... It is quite a tourist attraction for travellers, you can follow the route by group tour, or just go by car.

I found a shop on the web called 'Witches Galore' so that's where we headed for, its in a really small village called Newchurch, we took some very narrow roads to get here! It is the only shop dedicated to pendle memorabilia....
This is the view of the shop as we parked the car behind the white one and I stepped out, I really like the black witch sign above the door!
What an entrance.... I only noticed what the sign read when I came home and looked at the photos........... 'Drop In For A Spell' ha,ha
Brooms......... I saw these first as I entered the shop and grabbed one straight away, there were only three! If you click on the photo you can read the sign it says 'Flight Tested: Full M.O.T' ha,ha
Me blending in with the locals.......... That broom is huge! It is a full broom, human size, perfect for flying!

A sneak peek inside the shop..... Lots of interesting things, I preferred the Pendle memorabilia such as the mugs (to add to my collection) lapel pins magnets etc, I also got a tea towel.They also sold flying witches, books on Pendle, incense and Celtic designs.and sweets!

As we were leaving the shop someone said 'Right Priscilla you can fly your way home'........

If you were feeling adventurous you could follow this footpath up Pendle hill, I decided to take the photo instead!
Follow the Witches.....

As we were heading out through the village we spotted Pendle Hill in the distance....... We stopped for a picnic not far from here, we are still laughing about the Very narrow roads we travelled to the shop, we realised after there was another route...... but it added to our experience!

As you can see we got a good stash of goodies between us! A bag, tea towel, mugs, pens, pins, rock, postcards and even a Pendle visitor guide, as we hope to return and visit the other quaint villages that are part of Pendle history............ I hope you enjoyed your visit to 'Pendle Witch Country'
It is a fascinating tale and a town full of history, I wonder what its like at Halloween..........
See you all again soon, I will be back with the second part of my 'Mug Collection' and also some lovely blogging awards........ until then bye for now


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh what fun! I would love to go to Pendle as I've never been. I love that shop, I love witch shops! Ooohh what a bargain that broom was, lucky you.
Glad you had a fun time.
love Alison x

Vintage Tea said...

What a fantastic shop!

Victoria x

ohiofarmgirl said...

I must admit that you must be brace and I would have been very scared. I would have totally steered clear...I am a chicken...I know. Interesting...Dianntha

Linda said...

This is the quaintest town and I love the history...a place I'd enjoy exploring.

What a great shop....I love your goodies and your broomstick is fabulous. I can see you swishing all over...wouldn't that be fun, if only we could:). I'm wondering if it has any magicial powers.

The country side is just so beautiful, this was a wonderful day...I enjoyed my visit too. Hugs, Linda

p.s.on the broom tag what does M.O.T. stand for?

Cherry's Jubilee said...

This is my first time here...what fun!~ I would love to have an adventure like that...but not here in the usa. cherry

cottage*home said...

Hi Priscilla, long time no write!
Ive been such an awful blogger but now Im back!
Pendle looks lovely Im about to google it and see how far away it is, Id love to go!!
Take care and pop over for a browse when you have a minute.
Michelle xx

Old Silk and Roses said...

Lovely area and such a great shop!!!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Priscilla,
Nice to meet you. Thanks for all of your nice comments on my blog.
Wow, I would love this place!! Witches are right up my Halloween alley!!!
Thanks for taking us on your broom ride.

BittersweetPunkin said...

H8i Priscilla, that looks a lovely area and a very fun shop!! I have a bell just like that bell with the black cat on it but mine has a rooster!!

Emily said...

Hi, I stopped by your blog and was so enthralled with your story! I love the witch shop and your whole trip sounded like fun!

Gillian L. said...

Please drop by "Reflections in The Afternoon" for something special...


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lucky me to have found your site! I so enjoyed my visit and have added you to my blog roll! Edward send his regards, as do I.

Happy Sunday.

Sarahs Home said...

This is somewhere that I would love to go to one day. I would probably spend a fortune though.

Sarah x

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