Thursday, 20 September 2007

Fall Decor

Over the last few week I have been feeling the pull of fall more and more. I felt it was time my surroundings reflected my mood so I have been searching out my fall decorations, most of my things are still in boxes and at my parents house from the move, but I managed to find a few old favourites and some new things I recently bought.

In my mind I have many, many ideas of how I wish my room to look! Crafts to complete etc. I am still searching for ideas, the web is full of beautiful homes decorated for fall........ table settings, outdoor decor, Halloween parties etc. If I could incorporate some of the ideas I found on the web into my own home I would be very happy! I picked up a few things from a thrift shop last week, I will show what I have found to do with them soon!

At the moment most of my decor is displayed on the fireplace, I initially placed them there to see how they looked, with intent to re arrange them later. However its been two week....... I must like seeing them,so they will stay where they are!

Back in May after just getting home from a holiday in Luxor Egypt, the first shop I visited back in the UK had these fall welcome signs! I couldn't believe they were out in may......... originally he was going to live on the inside of the front door, its been hanging around for months waiting to be placed. In august he spent some time on a coat rack! In the kitchen, then in the living room window sill. Now here he is next to the fire.........where he will stay!

I have mentioned before my love for Yankee Candles, no fall display or home would be complete in my opinion without some form of warm, spicy, fall scent. Pumpkins, apples, pine, fruit all conjure up thoughts of fall to me. Every September my mum and I visit a UK web site for Yankee candles and stock up on the candles we think would be good for fall and winter. We each have our favourites, mine all the food scents! Pumpkin Pie, Harvest, Pumpkin Spice, Butter cream, Trick or Treat and candy Corn! We cant wait for the package to arrive, even the box smells as the post man hands it over! We are like kids at Christmas, sorting who's candle is who's, and swapping and sharing.

here is the web site link....

Here are some of the candles I have burning at the moment, Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, Trick or Treat........

I adore cats, on my visit to Luxor this year I found this wooden figure, I fell in love at first sight, I thought he would work well as part of the fall decorations!

One corner of the fire place...........the Pumpkin is a candle my grandma bought me two year ago, I knew it would never be lit, just to enjoy its decor value. The lit twigs you can see were bought from the same shop as the welcome sign, that shop had a good range that day! They too had been waiting for me to settle into my new house, in fact I bought them for a home I did not yet have........but knew very soon I might have.

At night I feel so at home and cozy...........Oh how I do love fall.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the little corner of my home, I will be back soon with some more baking I think, I have a craving for something sweet........

Happy Fall Everyone

Priscilla x


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I just love Yankee candles as well. I'm fortunate to live in a town here in Southern California where the local mall has a Yankee store so I can sniff and choose :) I'm burning a new one right now called Cider Donut and it is a definate new favorite. I love thier pumpkin and blueberry...and Autumn Wreath...okay admittedly I am a Yankee junkie! I love the sticks with the white twinkle lights and your cat on the fireplace is so cute!

Linda said...

Oh, you have got me so in the mood to start my fall decorating. Your candles smell wonderful....I can smell them and I think pumpkin pie is my new favorite.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love pie but I made an apple crisp with the apples. Linda

cd&m said...

That cat would have been very hard to resist, such an adorable face.

Junkyard Jennifer said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog!

After visiting yours, I see that we have many similar interests. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

I love wrapping gifts too - every little detail is so much fun. And I just moved as well. Settling in is proving to be quite a challenge for me in a home that's still under construction. I'm looking forward to visiting your blog again and seeing the witches brew pillow when you've finished!

Kelli said...

Your fall decorations are lovely, Priscilla! The kitty is so cute!


Allison said...

I also love Yankee candles, like you, the ones that smell like baked goods are so yummy. Your little scarecrow guy is so cute next to the fireplace. It's so fun to decorate for fall - it's such a fun time of year.


Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Priscilla!

I love the wooden cat from Luxor! He is wonderful!

I collect carved cats...something I started doing a little while ago, but they seem to all be Egyptian in nature! This little fellow is adorable! Thanks for sharing him!

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